What is a community?
A group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common. The nature of any community consists of sharing spaces and publicly used items. Countless people are in close proximity and many surfaces become high tough and high traffic areas. At Nano Armor X we are here to help promote healthier living environments so that people can have peace of mind in their own community.

Kids are messy. Their germs get passed along frequently and they are constantly wiping their face or picking their nose. Our simple, easy to use products will allow you to have peace of mind when little Jimmy is picking his nose in class and wiping it everywhere. Click Here for more information

Parks & Rec:
Parks are some of the least sanitized places in our community. Yet they supplymost of us with a great space outdoors to have birthday parties, festivals, and local sporting events. Help keep you local parks and recreational facilities germ free with Nano Armor X. Click Here for more information

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