Industry Leaders

We have deep-rooted experience in antimicrobial technology via Dr. Curtis White (formerly of Dow Corning), Ron Heagle (with VP experience in antimicrobials within food production), Joe Raich (experience in formulation and production), and Kevin Kahmann (CEO of our group of companies). Together, this leadership group has over 100 years of antimicrobial experience.

Caring Brands International (CBI) was established in 2013 to complete the organizational structure necessary to execute our long-term strategic business plans, leveraging shared resources and innovation across our family of companies including Microbe Free Solutions (MFS).

Microbe Free Solutions was beta-tested in 2007 before launching in 2008, testing – and proving – its mettle during the recession years of 2007-2010 and beyond. Its inclusion within the CBI family of companies has allowed the brand to flourish, opening opportunities within new markets. Throughout its existence, MFS has been a leader in providing EPA-registered, HypergreenTM antimicrobial solutions and expertise to many industries and to partners around the globe.

Our Two-Part Treatment Program encourages and includes the use of best practices throughout the application process. Due to our experience in the field, we have developed high procedural standards in collaboration with key partners and other experienced industry leaders.

These best practices include:

  • Decontamination via sanitizing, disinfecting, and treating using recommended atomizer equipment

  • Sanitized and disinfected via Fresh Start, EPA registered and approved for effective use against Emerging Pathogens including SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19

  • Disinfected and treated via Xmicrobe, an EPA registered technology for long term protection

  • Pre-cleaning areas of application via decluttering workspaces and wiping them down before application team’s arrival to ensure proper coverage and effective sanitization, disinfection, and treatment of appropriate surfaces, both hard and soft

  • Focusing additional application on high-touch surfaces and hightraffic areas

  • Routine refresh sanitization of high-touch surfaces like door handles, light switches, counters, etc via Fresh Start

This treatment program does not replace routine cleaning and hygienic procedures that need to stay in place given today’s environment with the novel Coronavirus outbreak. People still need to wash their hands frequently and regularly clean high touch spaces as recommended above. Because of the covalent bond, our Two-Part Treatment Program provides lasting protection that remains active on your surfaces indefinitely as it is only removed through abrasion, similar to super glue.

Body of Work

  • The Phoenix Heart Institute

  • Ohio State University James Cancer Research Center

  • Northwestern University Hospital

  • Sultan Ismail Specialist Hospital

  • Nashville Hospitals

  • US Army and US Special Forces equipment

  • US Naval ship accident in Singapore

  • Nike - used in manufacturing of their footwear and sportswear

  • Minnesota Vikings facilities

  • Miami Dolphins facilities

  • Washington Redskins facilities

  • Seattle Seahawks facilities

  • Dr. Scholl’s Footwear

  • Milwaukee Bucks facilities

  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers following MRSA outbreak

  • Delta Airlines

  • Airbus

  • Gulf Stream

  • Firestone Rubber Headquarters

  • NetJets

  • PGA Tour

  • WE Energy Fleet Vehicles

  • Taxis, police vehicles, and ambulances in Dubai

  • Dallas ambulances during the Ebola outbreak

  • School busses

  • Domestic mass transit

  • Mass transit and subway systems in Chile

  • Virginia Tech

  • School Systems

  • The Regent Singapore

  • Best Western Hols, preferred vendor status

  • Mayo inic hospitality facilities

  • US embassies

  • Saxon’s Fine Jewelry

  • WE Energy power grid control centers

  • Hair Salon

  • Jack in the Box Restaurants

  • Firestone Rubber Headquarters

  • University of Minnesota Engineering Department facilities

  • New Years Eve hotel fire in Dubai in 2015