The threat of illness from microbial contamination is the last thing we want to worry about during medical treatment or healing, but the threat always looms. Nano Armor X's exclusive antimicrobial services help healthcare facilities of all sizes control harmful microbial agents that otherwise might cause infections in patients or staff members. Our coordinated line of antimicrobial products work together to control biological threats more effectively, and more economically, than any other system devised. Our 30 years of proven experience helps you keep your patients and staff safe from microbes, and from harmful chemical cleaners, keeping everyone safe. Find out more about our daily surface sanitizers and Two-Part Sanitize and Protect Program to treat facilities as a whole.

Dentists, dental hygienists and patients encounter harmful microbes in fabrics, on surfaces and in the air. In such a high-touch environment, there is a higher chance of infection. Between Dental instruments and waiting areas, there is a field of microbes waiting to be transferred. Dental professionals can help keep facilities clean between cleanings with Microbe Free Solutions. Click Here for more information



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