Your customers can be your biggest advocates or your biggest adversaries. Their first impression can keep them as return clients or leaving a bad review. Keep your business’ reputation safe by eliminating harmful odor-causing mold, mildew, bacteria, and viruses including the Coronavirus. Our services help hotel, restaurant, and casino managers address microbial pests that cause offensive odors and stains and keep customers away. Our coordinated line of cleaners and antimicrobial products work together to control biological dangers more effectively, and more economically than any other system ever devised.

Restaurants + Bars:
In fast-paced food service environments, food safety is critical to prevent the spread of germs. Not to mention all of the plates, utensils, and different items that get passed from customer to customer or even among employees. Microbe Free Solutions wants to add peace of mind to not only your customers, but employees as well. Our products are NSF qualified for food safety. Click Here for more information

Hotels + Resorts:
With so many publicly shared spaces in hotels and resorts, Nano Armor X
is here to help with giving customers a healthy living environment. Our Hypergreen technology sanitizes on all surfaces and will kill 99.9% of all Harmful Microbes, Bacteria, Germs, Mold, Mildew, and Viruses. Including human coronavirus. Click Here for more information

Casinos are one of this country’s many attractions. Whether it’s poker, slot machines, or sports gambling. Most every American has gambled at some point in their life. With games such as poker and slot machines, these require a lot of hand to hand contact and sharing of items that have been touched by multiple other people. Microbe Free Solutions can help enhance the gaming experience by providing state of the art sanitization methods that will have minimal interference and allow people to keep playing these games that they know and love. Click Here for more information

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